My Mum was recommended to take me to see Carri because I was suffering with period pains and stress at school. I see Carri regularly and now have no pain with periods and am much happier at school. Anon Wiveliscombe

I have been treated by Carri and initially didn’t know why I was constantly feeling low. After the first few sessions it emerged that I had undergone several traumatic experiences as a child and this had impacted my whole life without me realising. Carri’s gentle approach helped me relax during treatment. I didn’t like the thought of needles but it is actually very relaxing. Now I feel much stronger in myself and am much happier with life. I wish I’d tried it sooner. Anon Taunton.

In the few months that Carri has been treating me, my life has turned around. From being at a point of despair, barely surviving, suffering from anxiety, lack of sleep and relationship doubts, I now feel much calmer, more confident, happier in myself and my relationships and sleep really well.  It’s lovely to be in a happy place again and this is all down to Carri and her skills as an acupuncturist.LL Taunton.

Carrie’s acupuncture treatment to improve my elbow discomfort has been successful and I am pleased to say that I am now pain free. I have also asked her to use acupuncture to help treat my peri-menopausal symptoms and I am seeing signs of an improvement with my period pain and heavy bleeding. Carrie always has a confident but gentle and reassuring nature and these qualities are why I chose to continue to visit her clinic on a regular basis. She has also helped me to make better nutritional choices to aid my healing and feeling of well-being. AG Taunton.

From the moment Carri took my hand and smiled at me, I felt different and knew we’d get on. Having been let down by professional therapists whose treatments had not got to the bottom of my pain condition (and even, in a couple of cases, made things worse), the fact that Carri instinctively knew I needed to see a smile, in spite of the seriousness of my condition, meant a great deal to me. During my acupuncture treatments with her, I benefited greatly from her kindness and professional experience. She understood me in a way that few others have done, before or since. Given the complicated nature of my trauma-related pain, this is quite something. I was very grateful – and remain so – for her attentive listening, common sense and kindness. I always felt she was fighting my corner and helping me find the way through. She adjusted her treatments to take account of life events and relationship changes and showed great wisdom and compassion, in doing so. If I could have continued treatments with her, I would have done, but it was time for her to move on. Now I am so much better and I carry her kindness with me: We both know that compassion is limitless, if we can only tap into it. DS Reading.

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